Pleated Mosquito Nets
Pleated Mosquito Nets

  Pleated Mosquito Nets

Pleated Mosquito Nets

Innovative screening solution for french doors & Large openings.Pleated screen can be operate effortlessly. There is no retracting force remains at any required location. Stored away into protective housing when not in use that keeps the mesh clean,invisible and safe from potential damages, Insect Screens Window Services Bangalore.

You can innovate mosquito screening solution for windows, doors, French doors or large openings with pleated Mosquito Net solution for windows and doors

Pleated Mosquito Nets System as mosquito nets for windows are decorative yet clearly visible and can be operated effortlessly by children and elderlies without any sophisticated technique. No retracting force is required to open or close the window insect screens. Stops at any required location and the screen can be stored away in protective housing when not in use that keeps the mosquito mesh for windows clean, invisible and safe from potential damages.

Pleated Mosquito Nets Specifications

  • Aluminium extruded from first melting, 6063 alloy
  • Powder Coatings: Pure polyester White, Brown & Golden Brown
  • Plastics components: nylon 6
  • Screen Material: PP+PE Mosquito nets
  • Screen Colour: Gray & Charcoal Black
  • Made to measure